MiPow Playbulb Candle

MiPow is a Hong Kong based company that is a leader in mobile device accessories. The company’s main products until now have been backup batteries, chargers, bluetooth headsets and bluetooth speakers until now.

During CES 2015, Gizmo Scoop had the pleasure of being acquainted with MiPow’s latest playbulb_candleproduct(s). In this case a bluetooth speaker lightbulb and the cute and cuddly Playbulb Candle.

The Playbulb Candle is a bluetooth based LED candle that operates on 3 AA batteries. The candle can be remotely controlled in groups via an app on your mobile device. The app allows for various modes including semi-realistic flame-less candle, strobe and flicker. The default option is a very smooth rainbow fade when turned on. The device also features a microphone for sound controlled mood lighting. It also has a neat parting gift where in one can blow off the candle just like a real candle. Needless to say one can blow it back on with just as much ease.

Here at Gizmo Scoop, we put this device to quite an exhaustive test. The first thing apparent to the the editors of Gizmo Scoop was that the battery life of the device far exceeds other manufacturers in this space. On regular use, one was able to use the Playbulb Candle for almost 50 days, with usage 4-5 hours per night. This candle is very energy efficient. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. We found the Playbulb Candle living up to our expectations. The number of uses for this candle are limitless. When we took it camping, and the candle provided subtle lighting to our tent and space.

At $19.99 for one, $29.99 for two and $49.99 for a pack of 3 on Amazon, the Playbulb is a must have for anybody who loves candles at home. I find I use these more than competitor “Luma Candles”

Looking to purchase a Playbulb Candle: Amazon Link


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