Mophie Juice Pack Air – Long Term Test

During CES 2014, Gizmo Scoop was provided samples of Mophie Juice Pack Air for review.

Mobile is a very crowded and competitive space to introduce a new product. At CES 2014, no less than 10 different manufacturers were hawking iPhone battery cases. The designs were unique but they all provided one common feature. Extra battery life.

Mophie, is one of the larger manufacturers in this space. Having been to the market first with their iPhone battery cases. The Juice Pack line includes the Helium (80% battery life), Air Mophie_JuicePack_Air_Red(100% battery life) and Plus (120% battery life). Each of the products within the line provide extra talk time (or game time) when running low.

The Juice Pack Air that was provided to Gizmo Scoop was noted to be very well designed. Unlike the Juice Pack Helium, which is coated with a slightly slippery plastic, the Juice Pack Air is coated with a slightly rubberized and snug fitting exterior. One cant help see how much more well engineered the Juice Pack Air is to the Juice Pack Helium. The differences between the two models extend beyond the battery life. The Juice Pack Air has enclosed buttons versus the exposed buttons on the Juice Pack Helium.

Gizmo Scoop editors ended up buying a Juice Pack Helium for comparison A-B testing. Our long term test has proved that the Juice Pack Helium cannot hold up to the Juice Pack Air in durability and toughness. When accidental dropped, our iPhones protected by the Juice Pack Air held up much better than the Helium. Both devices protected the phone very well, neither iPhone had a broken screen. But the damage on the external case revealed which was tougher.

On the positive side the case is perfect for a klutz like me. On the downside the case does require thinner headphone connectors to work. The iPhone headset would barely fit, and necessiated the use of the headphone jack extension that Mophie provides.

The Mophie case worked great, and continues to work. Though its battery life after close to 16 months of use has reduced by half. The phone is heavily used and the fact that it still operates in late 2015 is amazing. Needless to say this editor of Gizmo Scoop just placed an order for a new Mophie Juice Pack Air for his aging iPhone5s.

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