PhoneSuit Iphone 5/5s Battery Case – Long Term Review

PhoneSuit_Iphone_CaseIn the crowded mobile battery case market PhoneSuit is probably a brand you would not readily recognize. In CES 2014, Gizmo Scoop was given a tester PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 5/5s battery case.

This is the same year that Gizmo Scoop received the Mophie Juice Pack Air and the EnerPlex Surfr phone battery cases. Among the three mobile battery cases received, PhoneSuit was probably the most underwhelming to look at. Its matte black case made it really stylish and yet hard to find in the center console of a car with black interior.

GizmoScoop found the case very well made. Each of the manufacturers provided a different form factor to inserting the phone. Of the three, PhoneSuit was the easier to get in and out. It also was the easiest to connect an headphone to. The design is so simple that we were surprised that the other manufactures had not considered it.

PhoneSuit’s case is extremely simple to operate. All the buttons are fully exposed (unlike the Mophie Juice Pack Air and the EnerPlex Surfr) like the Mophie Juice Pack Helium. The battery system could be turned on and off by a simple button on the back. The sleek looks
PhoneSuit_Iphone_Case2 made its way to operations too. PhoneSuit had a 80% battery life, meaning your iDevice could be recharged from 20% to full. The overall life of the battery was good, but it seemed the overly heavy use by this editors girlfriend drained its lifespan by half. By October of 2014, the battery was down to roughly 50% of life. By February of 2015, the battery in the PhoneSuit was down to 25%.

The battery life may be an statistical outlier, as this editors girlfriend is a huge candy crush addict. So much so that the battery would get charged individually when drained. One thing we noticed was the way PhoneSuit charged the phone vs. other manufacturer’s whose products were tested at the same time. The PhoneSuit case would charge itself first before charging the phone. EnerPlex and Mophie charged the phone first before the case.  This meant that the PhoneSuit case was faster to charge separately from the phone than charged together with a 2 amp charger.

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