Luma Candles – LED Color Changing Candles

LumaCandlesLuma Candles, its a name you probably may have heard before. If you spend any time in front of the TV at odd hours, perhaps that name is familiar. The product was first sold on late night infomercials on TV. This is not your regular Ginsu knife infomercial, yet this particular product made its way to my local Fry’s Electronic’s store checkout line. At 19.95, it is hard to pass up on LED Candles.

Luma Candles shtick is that it looks, feels and smells like a real candle as it is a real candle. The outside of the candle has a nice smooth waxy finish. It is soft to touch and smells like vanilla (lavender is also available). The candles are well packaged in Styrofoam, a much needed accessory to keep these delicate candles from breaking during shipping. The candles come wrapped in plastic which may be removed. A box of Luma Candles encloses 3 candles, batteries and a wireless remote. The RF remote allows for one to change between 12 set colors as well as set a timer. The candles when unlit are a pale custard yellow color. These colors soon fade when the candle is turned on. Utilizing 3 AAA batteries per candle (& a CR2302 on the remote) these candles probably wont last as long as the MiPow Playbulb Candle. However the light put out is of very nice quality.

The LED’s used in the Luma Candles are exposed and are a bit harsher to the eye (when looking at from above) but the lighting through the sides of the candle are wonderfully smooth. We like the Luma Candles; they make for good mood lighting at home.

At 19.99 for box of 3 candles, the Luma Candle is a perfect gift accessory to a candle fanatic.  To purchase Luma Candles, follow the link to Amazon

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