GZ_logoGizmo Scoop is an online technology focused magazine. Gizmo Scoop was originally run by Vincent Nguyen until 2013. Manjul Bose & Michael Mardini resurrected Gizmo Scoop from its former self in 2015 when the site officially re-launched.

In 2009, Vincent Nguyen started Gizmo Scoop as a way to review exciting new products. Vincent’s hard work made gizmo scoop the first place for obscure product reviews. In 2012 as life (& wife) caught up with Vincent, Gizmo Scoop took to the back burner. Manjul Bose joined Gizmo Scoop in 2011 and took over for a short time but in the end Gizmo Scoop was dead. The industry had changed and online magazines like Engadget and Gizmodo had the manpower to out-do gizmo scoop. For a while Gizmo Scoop fed Engadget articles until its demise in 2013. In 2014, Manjul Bose & Michael Mardini purchased Gizmo Scoop to re-launch it.
The new Gizmo Scoop would focus on updated reviews on everyday products. Real world testing, real world use. There was a new world of tech products to play with, and most of these arent reviewed by main stream review sites.

Gizmo Scoop is the place for tech reviews of products that are off the beaten path. There are a million places where one can get reviews of products. However there is only one place where reviews of products by real world testers.

Companies interested in providing their products for Gizmo Scoop to review please use the contact form above to get in touch with one of the editors.
Gizmo Scoop Staff:

Manjul Bose

Michael Mardini

Eric Gever

Ben Morrison

Chris Giloy

Vincent Nguyen