Michael Mardini

Born and raised in sunny southern California, Mardini has been technology savvy from a very young age. He has always been intrigued and curious to know how it worked and if the product would perform. Continuously wanting to expand his knowledge with technology, he is always determined to research and get his hands on the latest and greatest when it is introduced.

For the last 16 years, Mardini has owned and operated an IT consulting company working with small businesses and family households to train, consult, set-up and run all technology needs.

With a love of helping others, Mardini has partnered up with many organizations, one being the American Red Cross. He has been deployed locally, domestically and internationally for natural disasters using his technology background to set up and manage all the IT issues for the local Red Cross team. In the last few years he has been sent to help restore damages in Saipan for the typhoon, Nepal for earthquake, Texas and Arkansas for flooding and wind, New York for Hurricane Sandy and many more responses right here in So Cal using technology like the VSAT to provide remote locations with satellite internet and all the equipment needed to provide technical support for the affected areas.