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Gizmo Scoop is an online technology-focused magazine. Gizmo Scoop was originally created and run by Vincent Nguyen in 2009 as a way to review exciting new products. Vincent’s hard work made Gizmo Scoop the first place for obscure product reviews. In 2012 as life (& wife) caught up with Vincent, Gizmo Scoop took to the back burner.

In 2011, Manjul Bose joined Gizmo Scoop and took over Gizmo Scoop’s editorial duties. By 2013, Vincent lost interest in Gizmo Scoop and it was dead. The industry had changed and online magazines like Engadget and Gizmodo had the manpower and resources to out-do Gizmo Scoop.

In 2015, Manjul Bose bought out Gizmo Scoop (with some help from Mike Mardini) and resurrected Gizmo Scoop from its former self, and the site officially relaunched. In 2019, Manjul Bose planned to resurrect the former site back to its glory days. This included a full plan on building a multi-medium review website, which included the videos, text, and images as part of the new format. Gizmo Scoop required a minimum financial backing to be successful and a financial backer was sourced who was willing to pony up the resources to make it happen. 

After a long drawn out process, Gizmo Scoop is finally launched in June 2020. With a dedicated team of editors and content creators, the hope is that our unique perspective on products and reviews will provide comfort to consumers looking for alternatives to the mainstream consumer electronics blogs. 

The new Gizmo Scoop would focus on updated reviews on everyday products. Real-world testing, real-world use. There is a new world of tech products to play with, and most of these are reviewed by mainstream review sites. Gizmo Scoop is the place for tech reviews of products that are off the beaten path. There are a million places where one can get reviews of products. However, there is only one place where reviews of products by real-world testers.

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Manjul Bose

Senior Editor

Michael Mastre


Adam Snetiker


Vincent Nguyen

Contributing Editor

Michael Mardini

Contributing Editor

Adriana Morales

Product Acquisition

About Our Company

Founded in 2020, Gizmo Scoop Inc. is a California registered corporation. The company headquarters are located in Encino, California.

If you represent a company and you’d like Gizmo Scoop to review your product, you can get in touch with our acquisition staff by filling out our Submit a Product form.

For all other inquiries, questions, or comments, please complete our general contact form.

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