Adidas RPT-01 True Wireless Headphones


Adidas RPT-01 Removable Headband and Ear Cushions
Adidas RPT-01 Removable Headband and Ear Cushions

While Adidas isn’t known for headphones, you may have heard of their manufacturer Zound Industries, who can also take credit for the iconic Marshall line of audio products – but if we asked you to tell us who makes great sports headphones, you might not actually think about Adidas. Known for products that are meant for active people, these headphones are no exception. They feature simple controls, sound good enough to drown out cars or people dropping weights in the gym, and they’re both sweat-proof and water-resistant. They are not water-proof but have a water resistance rating of IPX4. This means they’re protected from splashing water, but take them off before you shower or swim.

But wait – there’s more! Since they’re built for the gym, the inner headband and knitted ear cushions are washable too, which isn’t one bit surprising because the fabric looks like it would make a comfortable beanie. Despite the material, they’re designed to stay put – unless, of course, you’re head-banging way too hard. Metal rocks, bro!

Looking for an equalizer? There’s an app for that!

Believe it or not, you read that right. The Adidas RPT-01 sport in-ear headphones come with an app. that’s you’ll need if you want more control over the sound, but they’re probably just fine if you’re a casual listener. This is quite impressive and definitely not something we expected to see from a brand like Adidas – no offense to them, but we would expect it from a higher-end brand with audiophile offerings like Sennheiser or HiFiMan. If that’s your cup of tea then feel free to spend the extra money, but these will only set you back $170 even if you have to pay full price.

App for Adidas RPT-01 and FWD-01 Bluetooth Headphones
App for Adidas RPT-01 and FWD-01 Bluetooth Headphones

If you asked me to describe these in three words, I’d say they’re washable, comfortable, and affordable. They also happen to come in three colors: night grey (close to black), light grey, and signal coral (blue and peach).

If you’re looking for a less bulky in-ear headphone, check out the Adidas FWD-01 model. If you’re interested in the RPT-01, they’re in stock now so you can head over to Amazon to choose your style and get moving!

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