Affiliate Policy

Affiliate & Advertising Policy

Gizmo Scoop is an independent free to read consumer electronics and technology news website based in the USA. We have a team of 5+ people made up of full-time employees and freelancers.
Our business costs include the following:
Paying editors, journalists, developers, social media managers, video editors, and admin staff..
Server costs, software subscriptions, security costs, email accounts, and domains.

Our content will always be free to read. But in order for this to be the case, we make money in a number of ways: 

Display advertising

You will see advertising banners on the website within our articles and sidebars. These advertisements are not controlled by Gizmo Scoop and are managed by an external company. Cookies are sometimes used to personalize advertisements to you.
If you see an offensive ad, or an inappropriate ad please do contact us by using the general form on our contact us page.
You can view our cookie policy and manage your cookie preferences here. You can also read our privacy policy here.

Affiliate sales

Commission Junction
Gizmo Scoop is a member of Commission Junction. This allows us to insert links into content when appropriate.

Sponsored articles
On occasion we will work with a sponsor to publish a sponsored article on Gizmo Scoop. If the article is sponsored, it will be clearly labeled with the tag ‘Sponsored Content’. For any advertiser reading this, you may request our media kit here.

For any questions or queries, you can contact us here: Contact Us 

This policy was last updated on October 22, 2020

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