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I am a creature of habit, and every year, in the month of January, I commence on my annual trek down the I-15 from my home in the suburbs of Los Angeles to the glitzy and glamorous destination of Las Vegas, NV. For the last 20 years I have only missed a handful of CES events, 2020 notably is one of them. You can read about my missing 2020 CES in its dedicated post. 

This year’s CES is inspired by the millions of school-going children and office goers who took on the task of learning and working remotely. CES for the year 2021 took a  pandemic inspired virtual convention. 

Gone are the ever loud pandemonium of crowded halls, caffeine-induced stupor from people out late partying at the various las vegas social gatherings and night clubs. If you have never been to CES, count your blessings. Every year, I torture myself to bring you the best of what the consumer electronics industry produces with insights and commentary, unlike many mainstream blogs. This year, my feet & sinuses thank me. You should experience CES, but it’s best experienced with someone who is part of the consumer electronics industry. CES as an event is best understood as an industry-specific convention that charts the future of consumer electronics and your experience with it. You, as the consumer, is the most critical component of this, your likes, dislikes, and voting with your hard-earned currency drives the industry.

This year’s CES provided us with a sneak peek into the new TV’s, laptops and computing, mobile devices, toys, smart home gadgets, and outdoor gadgets that make up the consumer electronics space. Despite the odd format and the confusing experience wherein the bloggers’ inability to get hold of the latest information (which we usually would get on the show floor) via the official CES channels, numerous groundbreaking products are being showcased. I hope you follow us as we slowly populate and share our reviews and comments on the products we see at CES.

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