JLab Audio GO Air True Wireless Earbuds


JLab Audio GO Air True Wireless Earbuds case and Buds
JLab Audio GO Air True Wireless Earbuds Case and Interchangeable Buds

For only $30, I’d be perfectly ok with these being a little heavier than air. They are, but not by much! As the name suggests, these are truly wireless earbuds and are almost as light as air – 5 grams per earbud, to be exact. I know I’m wearing something when these are in because I can hear the music coming out or friends blabbing away on the phone (stop talking so much, Ellen!) but that’s about the extent to which I can feel them.

If you like small earbuds and you cannot lie, then these might be for you. They’re JLabs’ smallest fit ever, coming in at 20% smaller than JBuds Air, according to their website. And 20 isn’t the loneliest number – at full charge, you’ll get 20 hours of playtime. That’s five hours for each earbud plus 15 hours from a fully-charged case, which isn’t bad considering the price isn’t much more than $20.

Unlike other wireless headphones we’ve reviewed, this one doesn’t come with an app, but you don’t need one. You won’t get the fine-grained control over your sound but you do have the ability to choose between three modes: JLab Signature, Balanced mode, and Bass mode and you can change the EQ by triple-tapping.

These GO Air True Wireless earbuds are definitely unique. If for some reason you lose an earbud, or maybe you just want one in so you can hear what’s going on around you, the other one will still work because they connect independently thanks to their dual connect feature. Good luck trying to do that with some products!

Light in weight and light on your wallet, there’s not too much about these that we don’t like. They have a pretty good sound, a decent amount of playtime, interchangeable buds to fit any ear size, and a choice of six colors: black, white, green, navy blue, red, and teal so you can express your personal style.

JLab Audio GO Air True Wireless Earbuds case with integrated charging cable
JLab Audio GO Air True Wireless Earbuds Case with Integrated Charging Cable

If you’re looking to save for a more expensive pair of high-end buds, we’d still recommend you GO ahead and grab these for the time being. 

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