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LG V30
LG V30

Every year phone companies release new models to their flagship models and every year people run out to buy them Apple and Samsung fanboys I’m talking to you. That seems so wasteful and pointless. I understand tech companies making marginally better products every year to justify their existence and create a sense of need for a phone that startups 1 one hundredth of a second faster, has 3 more megapixels on the main camera, 1.5 more megapixels on the walk into oncoming traffic narcissist selfie camera, and a slightly faster processor.

When I’ve purchased phones in the past I tend to go with inexpensive models, and LG whatever have often met this criteria.  Since I primarily use Windows computers getting an iPhone doesn’t make a ton of sense since they are more integrated with apple computers and their cloud platform (although having iTunes on an android phone would be nice, but it isn’t a deal-breaker). The main reason I’ve stuck with LG phones is that they have had a button that pops up if you want to close all the open apps at once you can just hit the square and it instantly closes apps as opposed to the android phones I’ve done tech support for my Mom on where I’ve had to close the individual apps one by one on her phone. 

When I upgraded to the LG V30 I had done a minor amount of research on phones since I was wanting to buy a phone that would be a bit more powerful and usable for the long term than the most basic model. Since the V30 had been out for a bit I wouldn’t be paying the premium for a flagship model, since a new and improved model was already released. I bought my 64 GB V30 at a used phone market in Seoul. One of the main reasons I was interested in the V30 is because of the camera. The V30 has not 1, not 2 but 3 cameras included. The 2 main cameras on the back are wide and normal. The main camera is 16 megapixels with a 30mm f/1.6 lens, the wide angle camera is 13 megapixels with a 12mm f/1.9 lens, the front facing selfie camera is a 5 megapixel camera with a 22mm f/2.2 lens. Photos and video from the main and wide cameras on the back can be shot in manual mode with can give you a lot more control than you would have if you let the phone control all aspects of the photo which can give you either truer to life photos or more artistically dramatic photos, or video.Additionally I accidentally found out that the V30 can shot burst mode which can then be turned into GIFs. You can do some basic editing of the photos on the phone.  So it’s a handy camera when it’s the only camera you have with you.

As a smartphone it functions very well I’ve had no issues making calls, texting, or using the internet. The size is nice since it easily fits in my hands and pockets without being an obnoxious mini-tablet that top of the line smartphones are turning into.

Below are images shot by the LG V30

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