Nikon MB-D14 Battery Grip


Nikon MB D14

The Nikon MB D14  battery grip is a very useful accessory for the Nikon D610 or the Nikon D600. This grip includes two inserts, one uses 6 AA batteries and the other uses the Nikon EN-EL 15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The grip has a shutter release trigger, AE/AF lock, multi-selector joystick, and command and sub-command dials.

It installs very easily, you have to take off the rubber connector cap on the base of the D610 and the cap on the battery grip itself, line everything up correctly and screw the screw into the tripod mount. When the grip is installed the D610 will blink a green light, the same light blinks when the grip is unscrewed. 

I am enjoying using this battery grip. The extra battery life is great since I don’t have to worry about shooting through a battery quite so quickly. The shutter release button and the multi-selector joystick are very useful. It makes it easier to shoot vertically. It took a little time to unlearn the muscle memory of rotating the camera body vertically to the side that the shutter release isn’t on. After shooting with the battery grip on the camera body for a few days I was instinctively rotating the camera to the correct orientation.

The grip does add a bit of extra weight to the camera body so it can make the system get a little heavy if it’s dangling off your neck strap. Also the grip makes the D610 stand out a little more than it would without it. So it makes trying to be discrete a little more difficult. The benefits far outweigh the minor inconveniences of the weight and notice-ability of the camera. The ease of capturing images in the vertical position alone makes the battery grip worth it, and the extended battery life is an added bonus.

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